Who we are

It all started in 1987, when a small producer, Mr. Dias, plantou seu primeiro coqueiro no Distrito do Calumbi I, em Paraipaba/CE, onde está uma das mais belas praias do mundo, Lagoinha.

After 4 years, after taking care of each coconut planted, he started to produce small fruit (in natura), which was sold, for the most part, to customers in southeastern Brazil.

Over the years, new areas were planted and the production of coconuts grew. But there were times during the year that there was too much product for little buyer.

So, at the end of 2002, Mr. Days with his son Bruno, who already worked with him, observed that the national market existed many sellers of coconut fruit, for a small consumer market. It was there that they decided to create a coconut factory, which would be called Dikoko. And its first product would be Frozen Coconut Pulp (white dry coconut almond), a product that is the basis for the manufacture of desiccated coconut, coconut milk and coconut oil.


Then in 2003, Dicoco Agroindustrial Ltda started its activities in the city of Paraipaba in the state of Ceará, together with two other partners. From 2003 until June 2007 Dikoko produced a single product, the one mentioned above. And due to this fact, in 2007, once again the company was in a challenging situation, with a lot of production and few places where to sell this single product.

It was then that the partners decided to develop two new products, which would be desiccated coconut and crude coconut oil (a product aimed at the cosmetics industry). And they started selling these products all over Brazil. In 2010, Mr. Dias / Bruno acquired the other part of the initial partnership.

In 2015, the second industrial plant was founded in the city of Petrolândia / PE. City surrounded by one of the largest hubs in coconut production in Brazil. At the end of 2015, this unit started to produce Coconut Water for several plants in Brazil.
Since then Dicoco has developed more than 30 different products, continuously investing in quality raw materials, processed in state-of-the-art equipment and with its team of employees always motivated and dedicated

Currently Dikoko distributes a wide range of coconut derivatives such as: Desiccated Coconuts in various weights, Extra Virgin, Virgin, Flavored and Crude Coconut Oils, Coconut Water in Tetrapak and bulk packaging, Concentrated Coconut Milk, Coconut Sugar , Coconut Flour and frozen lines of Coconut Pulp and Desiccated Coconuts, all for Brazil and the International Market. We are also specialized in Outsourcing (Private Label / Private Label), being the manufacturer of several national brands. We have International Certifications, such as GMP, HACCP and IFS.

Our commercial team is trained to serve our Client, through supervised visits, Call Center, Representatives in other States, and Online Service, through our website, whatsapp, and social networks. All of this to always seek to serve our customer in the best possible way and above all, with quality.


This is Dikoko: a Brazilian company, dynamic, with competitive advantages and broad market vision.

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